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Backgammon Exclusive Handmade, Gift Souvenir Carved Backgammon From Wood, Interior Decoration

Closed size:

60 x 30 x 10 cm (24" x 12" x 4")


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$ 500  

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All backgammon is made to order, 7-14 days.

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Product material: wood (linden), varnish coating,
Handmade, wood carving.
The set of the game includes: a game board, dice, chips (15 + 15).
Additionally, you can purchase - a bag-case for backgammon, chess


A gift can be beautiful, useful, and unique at the same time. Backgammon is one example.
Souvenir backgammon is a great gift for yourself or your friends and relatives. This game has the following advantages:
Usefulness - this educational game will be very useful for any age.
Beauty - backgammon can be used both as a game and as an element of the interior.
Uniqueness - since these are handmade backgammon, you will not find a similar board anywhere else.

These gift backgammon will help while away your winter evenings or weekend at home. In addition to its entertainment function, handmade backgammon is very often used as an element of decor.
They are made of solid linden and varnished - this gives them a rich look. The main decoration of this game is wood carving