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Leather Belt with Brass Buckle "Discover Ride" Leather Belt with Brass Buckle, Image of a Cyclist on a Belt Buckle, Travel by Bicycle


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Materials: brass, leather, black leather, brown leather, yellow brass, cast brass


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«Discover Ride» is a unique handmade brass buckle with an original leather belt.

It will be a great purchase or the best gift for your friends. Especially if they love to ride a bike and their lifestyle is movement.

Also, the handmade «Discover Ride» buckle will be a great reminder that movement is life and you only need to move forward to your goal.


We made it interesting on both sides, the front side shows the classic journey, and the other hidden side will remind you to keep your life balance to keep moving.

100% made in Ukraine to make your style unique.

The buckle is made from strong brass. After casting we processed it manually, patinated and polished.


For the manufacture of a leather belt, we use 100% genuine leather of the best quality.
Genuine leather belts can have wrinkles, scratches, scars, these are inherent characteristics of natural calf leather, and give natural beauty.
The belt is very durable, it will serve you for a long time.


Buckle dimensions: 3.74”x2.44" (3.74”x2.44").
Belt length: 47"- 48" (1200-1250mm).
Belt width: 1.6" (40 mm)
If you need more length, please let us know.

If you need more length, please let us know.
You can easily and independently shorten the belt. Just follow the instructions:
1. Remove the screw holding the buckle.
2. Cut off excess skin to size.
3. Make a hole for the screw.
4. Attach the buckle to the belt.



Black color